Cost-effective enrichment for >1 million SNPs

In-solution enrichment for more than one million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) has made it possible to generate genome-scale data for an order of magnitude lower cost than shotgun sequencing. 

This technology has also greatly increased the success rate following sampling by making it possible to study ancient remains with low proportions of human DNA.

Due to the power of this technology, about 70% of genome-wide human ancient DNA data published to date has been generated using enrichment. 

The bait sequences for ~1.2 million SNPs that have been the basis for almost all in-solution enrichment data so far were published in Fu et al. Nature 2015, but synthesis of the reagent has been cost-effective for only a few laboratories.

To address this, we worked with two companies to generate reagents that target the same set of SNPs. We tested the new reagents in our lab, and have published a paper comparing the performance of all three reagents to each other.

The best-performing of these reagents is available from Twist Biosciences through the following link.

(Note: we do not benefit in any way from sale of this or the other reagents.)